Ultimate Frisbee Field Dimensions – Recommended Dimensions

Learning the ultimate frisbee field dimensions is essential. The ultimate frisbee field dimensions are regulated by the sport’s governing body, and knowing the ultimate frisbee field dimensions is crucial for setting fair playing areas and preventing illegal plays.

Ultimate frisbee field dimensions are typically 70 yards in length and 40 yards in width. The Frisbee field is 50 yards long and is separated into a 20-yard end zone and a 25-yard playing area.

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Ultimate Frisbee Field Dimensions 

The standard Ultimate Frisbee field dimensions are 120 yards (110 meters) in length and 40 yards in width. If the playing area is evenly divided, however, practically any size will do. The field is 70 yards in length, with a 25-yard end zone on either side. Since the average human step is roughly one yard in length, this is the quickest and most accurate technique to gauge the dimensions of a field on the move. Each side of the field has a Brick marker placed 20 yards (18 meters) from the goal line.

Ultimate frisbee Field dimensions
Ultimate frisbee Field dimensions

Keep in mind that Bricks are 20 steps in-field, as they are not always well indicated, even at official competitions. The whole 40 by 120-inch box is fair game. If the disc goes beyond these lines, it’s no longer fair game. The actual center of the field is situated 20 yards from each sideline and 35 yards from each end zone line, but you probably didn’t need to know that. You are now prepared to create a world-class Ultimate playing field.

The Final Zone 

Points are tallied in the end zone. Both ends of the field include this structure. When a team catches the disc in the opposing end zone, they get a point.

Limits-Final Lines 

There are four lines that outline the playing area. There will be four lines total: two on each side, two in the rear, and the length and width.

There are two goal lines and two backlines on the frisbee field. The two regions of the field closest to the goal line are those that are bounded by the back lines, the sidelines, and the end zones.

Goal Posts 

Each end zone has a goal line drawn in front of it. It’s a measure of the players’ abilities and where the end zone begins. A point is awarded if and only if this condition is met.

Midfield Position 

The midfield line splits the field in half. It’s oriented at right angles to the field goal line. This chant is chanted at the tip-off, after each point, and at intermission. 

Mark Brickley 

The brick mark is positioned in the center of the field at the halfway point. After a pull—the first throw of each point—this mark is used to signal the beginning of play again.

Extra Lines 

  • Team Strategy 

The team lines run perpendicular to the sidelines, beyond the boundary of the playing field. To facilitate neighbouring play, all coaches and players must stay inside these lines.

  • A Variety of Tools 

Spectators and equipment should stay behind this line at all times during play for safety reasons. 

  • Colours 

The midfield and end zones are delineated by brightly colored, bendable cones or pylons. 

Ultimate frisbee Field dimensions
Ultimate frisbee Field dimensions

5v5 Ultimate Disc 

The playing field has shrunk, The Ultimate Frisbee field dimensions for 5v5 play is normally around half that of a full-size field.5-on-5: The field is 70–72 yards in length, with 10- to 12-yard end zones. The 5v5 field is not bricked in. 

The sidelines are not marked in any way. Instead, there are cones at each end zone’s corner, and players must keep their catches inside these boundaries. 

Points lowered: Due to the reduced size of the field, fewer goals are often needed to win a game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Less participants: Games played with a reduced roster of five players on each side tend to be more frantic and skill-intensive than their 11-player counterparts.


There are roughly three possible configurations for the playing fields. 

  • First, there are indoor arenas, beaches, and outdoor fields (which I will describe in greater detail in a later section). 
  • Second, a basketball or handball court is typically the indoor alternative during the colder months. The number of players (often 5 vs. 5), the number of stalls (down to 8), and the throwing regulations can all be modified to accommodate the reduced size. Since there is no wind or precipitation, the game moves along considerably more quickly. This means that other strategic moves may gain significance. This is partly because the continuous mode is so well-liked even outside of competitive settings. The concept is the same whether held indoors or outdoors, although it is preferable to choose champions in each setting independently. Which is the situation, at least, in Germany. 
  • Beach Ultimate, like regular Ultimate, is a 5-on-5 game. The field’s dimensions are 147,64 feet in length, 82 feet in width, and 328 feet in length for each end zone. Additionally, the boundaries are delineated by easily identifiable guy lines. Since 2001, members of the Ultimate Association have been able to connect with one another through the Beach Ultimate Lovers Association (or BULA for short). Every four years (with a tweak to the rotation in 2017), it has been hosting its own European and World Championships since 2004. 


There are six people on each squad.

The complete field measures 120 yards in length and 40 yards in width. Each end zone is 40 yards long and 25 yards wide, for a total field size of 70 yards by 40 yards.

Follow the golden rule and treat others as you would like to be treated. In the event of a disagreement, opponents should treat each other with dignity and give each other the benefit of the doubt. 

While this range is available for some models, 165–175 g is more typical for discs. 


As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to learn the Ultimate Frisbee field dimensions. You can always read the regulations more closely if you want to learn the finer points. You might also try finding a local club and attending a trial training session to see whether it’s right for you. Whatever the case may be, giving Ultimate Frisbee a shot is a good idea.

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