According to International Golf Federation, Average Length of a Golf Course is 70–100 acres. A field or other area utilized to play the game is referred to as a golf course. It consists of several holes, each of which is made up of a “fairway.” There are various dangers in the rough play area. The tees and the green take up practically the entire area of the play area. 

The golf course consists of 18 holes; however, some only have 9. A golfer must strike the ball from the tee box toward the hole on each hole. The brief, smooth section is covered in a type of grass known as green. Golf courses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Average Length of a Golf Course in Yards  

The number of tees in a tee box and the type of tournaments played both influence the length of a golf course. A golf course typically stretches 6,700 yards (6.12 km). PGA Tour pros play on 7,200–7,300-yard courses.  

For top-50 players, the Champions Tour uses 6,500–6,800-yard courses, while the LPGA uses 6,200–6,600 yards. Low-handicapping female golfers favor utilizing tees that are 250–500 yards shorter than those used by male professional golfers competing in LPGA events. 

Most frequently, mid-handicappers select tees that are 500–1,000 yards shorter than those used by their professional counterparts. The parallels will undoubtedly be the same gender and age, of course. 

High-handicappers usually pick 1,000-1,500 yards less than pros. Start from the forward tees if you’re a beginner and unsure of your accuracy and distance. If you can’t reach Par 3 holes in one stroke or Par 4 holes in two shots from the tee, switch to a shorter set. 

Average Length of a Golf Course in Miles 

On the PGA tour, the course length is typically around 7,200 yards, or 4.09 miles. The typical PGA player plays 78 rounds per year, clocking in at 319 miles. 

Some professionals, such as Danny Lee, have played more than 100 rounds in a season, while others, such as Louis Oosthuizen, have played fewer than 46 rounds and logged less than 190 miles. The number of kilometers travelled is then compared to the number of rounds played by the typical PGA tour player. 

Average Length of a Golf Course in Meters 

An 18-hole golf course can be 6,500–6,900 yards or 5,900–6,400 meters long. Each hole is between 100 and 600 yards, or 90 and 550 meters. Many golf courses use Par 3, 4, or 5, but some also feature Par 6. The following lists the distances for various holes starting from men’s and women’s standard tees. 

  • Par 3 covers about 190 meters for women while it is 230 meters for men. 
  • Par 4 has 410 meters for men and 230 meters for ladies. 
  • Women’s par 5 is 412 meters, whereas men’s par 5 is 631 meters. 
  • Women’s Par 4 and Par 5 distances range from 193 to 366 meters and 367 to 526 meters, respectively. 

Average Length of a Golf Course in KM  

Golf courses cover a lot of land. While playing, you’ll walk several kilometers. A golf session averages 8.5 kilometers of walking. Traveling across car parks and clubhouses is not included in this distance. Including these places increases the trip by 1 kilometer. 

This brings the average distance to 9.5 km, which is the distance you’ll walk for each round of golf! No wonder you’re exhausted after each round. During a game, you’ll easily burn 1,000 calories.  Estimates, of course. Using fitness apps or smart GPS watches, these numbers are calculated. 

Golf Course Hole Length 

Based on hole length, most pros can estimate the Par. They do it automatically. The USGA provides course length recommendations. Men’s Par 3 golf courses are typically 250 yards. Par 3 courses for women are 210 yards. 

 Par 4 courses are larger than Par 3. Men play Par4s at 470 yards and women at 400 yards. Par 5 courses also have different lengths for men and women. The Par distance allows a player to comfortably cover the distance and sink the ball in the given number of strokes. 

Length of Golf Course Grass 

Faster-putting greens are in demand. Shorter grass increases speed. Golf courses utilize special mowers. The lawn mower’s bed-knife can be adjusted to cut and heighten grass. Fairways are cut to half an inch and those near trees to 4/10 of an inch. Greens are trimmed to roughly 1/10 inch. Standard rotary motors cut roughs between 2-2 1/2”. 


The length is roughly 6600 yards (3.75 miles or 6 kilometers).  

In PGA tournaments, the typical golf course is 7,200 yards long (or 4.09 miles).


The average size of a normal golf course is 90 to 150 acres, or 36 to 61 hectares. 

A normal 18-hole golf course typically has a footprint of 40–48 hectares, or 100–120 acres. Fairways, greens, rough, and other locations like water hazards, bunkers, and tee boxes are all included in this. 

Final Words: 

The explanation above demonstrates how a golf course’s typical length can vary depending on the circumstances and style of play. As with the measurements of the other sports we’ve discussed here, the proportions of the golf course are precisely stated and sourced from dependable sources. 

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