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According to the United States Trampolines association, the standard medium-sized trampolines are 12 feet in diameter, while mini Trampolines are 10 feet in diameter. However, most of the Trampolines fall within these standard dimensions.

There is a variety of Trampoline sizes available, if you want to get standardize Trampoline in terms of fun and entertainment. You need to make sure it is the right size. While choosing the right size Trampoline, it will not be easy for most of us because there are different sizes available. When you start to see several Trampoline designs, things get more confusing.

Choosing The Standard Trampoline Size

When we choose the standard Trampoline sizes, it depends on multiple factors for instance, how it will be used, and where it will be placed. The other most important thing is Trampoline’s height and cage, which is always necessary when kids are jumping.

Trampoline Size
Trampoline Size

So, keeping in view your need to get a standard Trampoline size, we have compiled an ultimate guide for trampoline size.

  • Standard Trampoline Sizes for Children
  • Standard Trampoline Sizes for Teenagers
  • Standard Trampoline Sizes for Family and Adults
  • Courtyard Standard Trampoline Sizes
  • Indoor Trampoline Sizes
AgeStandard Sized TrampolinesIndoor / Outdoor
From 1-3 YearsSmall TrampolineIndoor
From 3-4 YearsMini Trampoline / 4.5ft / 6ftIndoor & Outdoor
From 4-6 Years6 feet Trampoline – 10 feet TrampolineOutdoor
From 6-9 Years8 feet Trampoline – 12 feet TrampolineOutdoor
From 9-10 Years12 feet Trampoline – 14 feet TrampolineOutdoor
From 11-13 Years12 feet Trampoline – 16 feet TrampolineOutdoor / In-ground
From 14-16 Years14 feet TrampolineOutdoor
Adults10 feet to 17 feet TrampolineOutdoor

Standard Trampoline Sizes for Children

A standard Trampoline size for kid is 10ft along with enclosure for safety. A trampoline enclosure is necessary for safety of children. However, youngsters can safely use any of the available trampoline sizes, especially if jumping will be done by younger children.

Standard Trampoline Sizes for Teenagers

Trampoline sizes for Teenager would be around 12 foot to 14-foot depending on the size of the yard, that will be an excellent choice if their goal is simply to have fun jumping with peers.

Standard Trampoline Sizes for Family and Adults

Since most families and adults prefer larger trampolines for themselves, they often opt for the larger 14ft and 15ft trampolines.

Courtyard Standard Trampoline Sizes

Size of the backyard is necessary for standard backyard trampoline. Following are the recommended trampoline sizes for wide variety of yards.

A circular trampoline is ideal for a round garden than a square one. Safety requires this spacing around the trampoline. While choosing a trampoline size enclosure height is compulsory.

Indoor Trampoline Sizes

Generally, Indoor Trampolines are smaller than outdoor Trampolines and made to be used indoors, like in a home gym, fitness center, or gym.

Trampoline Size
Trampoline Size

Small Size Trampolines

Mini Trampolines for individual usage are advised for low-impact exercises like moderate bouncing or other physical exercises.

Medium Size Trampolines

These medium-sized Trampolines are ideal for cardio and plyometric activities for one or two people.

Larger Size Trampolines

Group fitness sessions use these large Trampolines.

In What Ways Trampoline Can Be Measured?

Trampoline can be measured from one side to the other side. Use a tape measure to measure your home trampoline’s center.

To achieve the same measurement, repeat this in multiple orientations. The Trampoline size includes the jumping surface and springs/safety mats.

What Is the Widely Used Trampoline Size?

The most widely used Trampoline size is 8-feet along with enclosure. Because it can be helpful for kids as young as four and as heavy as 75 kg, this is the most popular and acceptable option.

What Should Be the Diameter of a Standard Trampoline Size?

The diameter of Trampoline ranges from small to large, depending on the overall dimensions of the product.

  1. 6 feet Trampoline: 200 cm in Diameter
  2. 8 feet Trampoline: 243 cm in Diameter
  3. 10 feet Trampoline: 305 cm in Diameter
  4. 12 feet Trampoline: 366 cm in Diameter
  5. 14 feet Trampoline: 427 cm in Diameter


What Are the Standard Trampoline Sizes?

The standard Trampolines have diameters measuring from 8, 10, 12, 14, to 16 feet.

What Is the Suitable Trampoline Size for Kids?

A standard Trampoline size for kids is from 8 feet to 10 feet along with enclosure for safety. A Trampoline enclosure is necessary for safety of children.

What Is the Standard Trampoline Size for Teenagers?

Trampoline sizes for Teenager would be around 12 foot to 14-foot depending on the size of the yard, that will be an excellent choice if their goal is simply to have fun jumping with peers.

What Are Different Types of a Standard Trampoline?

The most important Trampoline types are Rectangle Trampoline and Round Trampoline.

Are There Any Safety Guidelines Available for Standard Trampoline Size?

Yes, safety is followed for standard Trampoline size. Safety enclosures, padding, spring covers, and manufacturer weight limitations and user recommendations are required.


In short, the Trampoline size guide makes you understand the sizes for different uses. Perfect Trampoline maximizes fitness, entertains, and provides the optimum bounce. The majority of Trampolines, meanwhile, fit within these normative parameters. If you are willing to select Trampoline which is uniform in terms of fun and entertainment, there are variety of Trampoline sizes available.

Buy the best Trampoline for kids or families using our size guide. Perfect-size trampolines perform well maintain them!

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