Speedminton Court Dimensions – Recommended Dimensions for Safe Play


Badminton without a net is known as Speedminton. The Speedminton court dimensions are 18-foot squares. It moves more quickly than regular badminton. It integrates the laws of other sports, including squash, badminton, and tennis. Speedminton is a game that is played all over the world.

No net separates the players. Regarding where it is played, there are also no set regulations. Tennis courts, streets, beaches, fields, and gyms can all be used to play it. The Speedminton court dimensions have two 18-foot squares. They are anchored 42 feet apart, across from one another.

Both inside and outside courts can be painted or marked off for speed badminton court dimensions. Even the utilisation of a mobile court is an option. Blackminton is the name given to speedminton played after dark. It is possible to play even at night thanks to black lights, fluorescent paints, rackets, and special night speeders with glow sticks. 

Speedminton Court Dimensions 

Speedminton Court dimensions are two squares measuring 5.50 metres (18 feet) in length are placed opposite one another on a crosscourt at 12.8 metres (42 feet). This creates a cross-minton court. 

The speedminton court is also marked out. The markings ensure this level of fairness. The centerline and service lines separate the two sides of the court. Players can use these lines as guides to ensure their serves reach the opponent’s service area. 

  • The rectangular playing surface is cut in half down the centerline to create two equal halves.
  • Service lines for providing service in the service zones on both sides.
  • Appropriate for both singles and doubles competitions 
  • Grass, sand, concrete, or artificial materials may be utilised as court surfaces.
  • There is no requirement for the use of a net.
Speedminton Court Dimensions
Speedminton Court Dimensions


A racket is required for both players. The Speedminton rackets resemble squash rackets but are made specifically for the sport. They measure a total of 23.5 inches and come in a variety of materials and string lengths.

The speeder ball is designed to withstand the effects of the wind because it is heavier than a regular badminton shuttlecock. The maximum number of points in a set is 16. When the score reaches 15-15, overtime begins, and a two-point advantage is needed to claim victory. There are often three sets in a match. Only two winning sets are allowed until the semi-finals of a tournament.

To choose who goes to the table first, people toss coins or speeders. Everyone gets three serves every game. Each rally ends with a successful outcome. When the score is 15 points each, the serve is changed after each point. The serving area is 10 feet behind the initial offensive line and must be served from there.


Speed Badminton, sometimes known as Speedminton, is a netless variant of the sport of badminton. 

With the use of Speedminton T-Lines, any tennis court, indoors or out, can be quickly converted into two separate speed badminton courts, each accommodating two teams of two players each. White, anti-static rubber is used for the T-lines. To convert a tennis court into two speed badminton courts, just unroll the lines. 

The same player hits Speeder twice. Body contact with Speeder Players that return a “out” Speeder are considered “accepted” and play resumes. 

The game may be played anywhere (beach, park, street, backyard, even in water) without a net, and with the Night Speeder, day or night. It takes five minutes to set up and is simple. Play solo, doubles, or freestyle. 

Bottom Line 

Presented below is a comprehensive manual outlining the essential aspects of speedminton courts.

Whether one is an experienced speedminton athlete or an inquisitive novice, it is recommended to procure a racquet and proceed to the local court in order to commence the enjoyable activity. 

Engage in the act of crushing with a sense of joy and satisfaction. 

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