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From 6-foot to 12-foot Snooker tables, pool tables come in several sizes. However, the playing surface area does not equal their size. Knowing your table dimensions and weight will be helpful when deciding how to disassemble, reflet, or replace it. But few people are proficient in measuring a table’s dimensions precisely. This post will demonstrate several different angles from which you can precisely measure a table. 

Measurements of Pool Table 

The following are the measurements of a regulation table, with the playing surface measured between the noses of the cushions: 

  • Size of a snooker table in feet is 140 by 70. 
  • 112″ (284.5 cm) x 56″ (142.2 cm) for a 10-foot size (oversize). 
  • A table with a length of 9 feet has dimensions of 254 centimetres in length and 127 centimetres in width. 
  • Size for someone over 8 feet tall (pro-8) is 92 inches wide by 46 inches deep. 
  • 8-foot table dimensions are 88 by 44 inches (223.5 by 111.8 centimetres). 
  • A large ‘bar box’ at almost 7 feet tall and 39 to 41 inches (99.1 to 104.1 centimetres). 
  • 7-foot (or ‘bar box’) dimensions are 188.2 x 94.1 (cm) x 94.9 (cm). 
  • 70-74 inches (177.8-188 cm) x 35-37 inches (88.9-94 cm) for a 6-foot (“small bar box”). 

How to Quickly Measure the Size of Your Pool Table 

  1. First, you’ll need a tape measure. 
  1. Second, measure the distance across the table’s breadth from one end of the cushion on the shorter side to the other. If you want accurate results, don’t measure at the base of the cushion but rather where the ball really contacts it. 
  1. To get the length of the field, double the width measurement. Measure the cushion from end to end to take use of the table’s length. 

If your measurement is 44 inches wide, double it to get 88 inches long. This indicates an 8-foot pool table. Most importantly, you won’t get an exact 7-, 8-, or 9-foot measurement. The following will be shorter: 

  • 39 inches wide by 78 inches long or 40 inches wide by 80 inches long is a 7-foot pool table. 
  • 44 inches broad by 88 inches long is an 8-foot pool table. 
  • A professional 8-foot table is 46 inches broad and 92 inches long. 
  • A 9-foot table is 50 inches broad and 100 inches long. 

Table measurements might vary slightly from cushion to cushion depending on the cushions used. The playing field’s size can also vary with felt size. 

To calculate your table’s size, you’ll need to obtain standard measurements. If your measurements were 43 inches wide by 87 inches long, you would have an 8-foot pool table. 

The Size of a Pool Table 

The four most common pool table dimensions are the 

  • 45-inch-by-77-inch 6-foot table 
  • Bar Size Table (39 inches by 48 inches or 40 inches by 80 inches)  
  • 8-Foot Table (44 inches by 88 inches) Professional Size Table (60 inches by 30 inches)  
  • Standard 8-foot antique size table (46 inches by 92 inches) 
  • 9-foot table, often known as tournament size, or 50 inches by 100 inches 

Only older pool tables tend to come in the Pro 8-Foot Table size, making it the rarest of the five common dimensions. The average home has an 8-foot table, so if you’re reading this at home, you probably have one. The standard for professional pool players is to have a 9-foot table at home for practise before big tournaments. 


Knowing pool table measurements is important for several reasons. You need enough space to play comfortably. You’ll need the size to re-felt, replace cushions, or buy a table cover. You need to know the table size to make money playing pool. Competitions are played on 9-foot tables, so, if possible, practise on them. If you want your table to match the pros’, you need to know its height. 

Professional tables are 8′ x 4′, whereas bar tables are 7′ x 3’6’”.  

8-foot, 4-foot-wide, 88-inch x 44-inch home pool tables are typical. Most homeowners buy this size table. 

Professional and sanctioned tournaments use 7ft tables. A broader playfield requires more expertise and may last longer. A 6ft table may yield more gaming credits in a busy pub. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, after reading this you might think that measuring a pool table is extremely simple. However, the most important step is to put these concepts into action while you’re replacing or removing your pool table, looking for a new one, or even constructing and creating your very own pool table from scratch. If you don’t want to lose time or money, you should obtain a sense for the typical pool table size and begin practising as soon as possible. 

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