High School Wrestling Mat Dimensions – Recommended size for safe play

A wrestling mat dimensions will change according on the skill level of the competitors. Mat sizes and specifications vary across high school, collegiate, and worldwide competitions. The minimal measurements for a mat are specified, but many schools utilise much larger mats.  

Wrestling mat dimensions are essential for amateur wrestling and other combat sports. The mat’s high-density foam and various thicknesses maximise impact absorption and reduce injury risk.  

The Olympic wrestling mat standard requires a tough, shock-absorbing mat that can be used for various sports. Wrestling mats are usually used indoors and covered in anti-slip and static electricity PVC to reduce accidents. 

Wrestling Mat Dimensions

The wrestling mat dimensions is 29.53 feet or 9 meters, while the competition area is 684 feet square or 63.5 square meters. There is a circle measuring 39.37 inches (one meter) in diameter that is situated in the exact middle of the competition mat.  

Red Zone 

A Passivity Zone, also known as the Red Zone and measuring 39.37 inches (one meter) in length and serving as a warning to wrestlers about their location on the mat, borders the competition area. 

Dimensions of High School Mats 

The National Federation of State High School Associations mandates 38-foot wrestling mat dimensions for high schools.    

This will provide enough room for the 10-foot inner circle, the 28-foot circle that defines the wrestling area, and the 5-foot safety area that must surround the wrestling area by law. 

Resilite Sports Products, one of the leading mat manufacturers, reports that most high schools will order a mat that is 40 feet on each side, which will give a 30-foot wrestling area, despite the minimum size requirement being 38 feet. 

Dimensions of International Mats 

Two types of mats were used in federated wrestling events held by the International Wrestling Federation.  

  • Square Mat  The first is the standard square mat, which must have a side length of 12 meters (or 39.36 feet). This provides space for a 7-meter (just under 23-foot) circumference wrestling area and a 1.5-meter (just over 4 feet) safety zone.  
  • Octagonal Mats  The octagonal mats used by FILA must have a diameter of 15 meters (or 49.21 ft). 

Dimensions of University Mats 

A somewhat bigger mat is utilized for collegiate wrestling because it is what the National Collegiate Athletic Association mandates.  

A mat measuring at least 42 feet on each side is required for college wrestlers, who require a minimum 32-foot wrestling space. 

The maximum length of a college wrestling mat dimensions is 42 feet, and a 5-foot buffer zone around the mat is required for safety. 

Dimensions of Exercise Rugs 

Smaller mats are more common for home usage and practice due to the high price and limited storage space of regulation mats. Home use mats typically measure 10 or 12 feet on a side. 

The standard size for a school practice mat is 20 by 32 feet. If your mat is longer than 32 feet, it’s getting close to the dimensions required for wrestling matches.  

Those looking to purchase a bespoke mat to fit a certain space should keep in mind that these mats tend to shrink slightly throughout the manufacturing process. 

How Big Is a Wrestling Mat? How Thick? 

When making a final decision, it’s crucial to consider the wrestling mat’s dimensions and thickness.  


The size of the mat will probably play a significant role in your decision-making process, whether you’re looking for a novice home mat or one for a collegiate tournament. For each step, from practicing in the garage to hosting a state tournament, there are, fortunately, varied sizes. 

  • Standard Size for High School 38′ X 38′ mat with a 28′ minimum wrestling circle 
  • 42′ X 42′ Collegiate Standard Size Mat with a 32′ minimum wrestling circle. 


You need a wrestling mat with sufficient padding to keep you safe. Here are the most often encountered thicknesses: 

  • 7/8” – 1″ Useful for light exercises with minimum impact. Tumbling and other intermediate gymnastics, martial arts, and wrestling skills. 
  • Any heel height over 1 1/4″ (including for low impact) is recommended. The norm for wrestling matches at the high school and college levels. 
  • 2” + Designed to withstand rigorous exercise. Necessary for wrestling matches on the world stage. 
  • Innovative 8″ – 12″ landing pads for complex tricks and moves. 

Wrestling mats—what are they made of? 

Foam makes great wrestling mats special! Most wrestling mats are made of shock-absorbent PVC rubber nitrile or cross-linked polyethylene foam. Cross-linked polyethylene foam with vinyl covers our roll-out, folding, and landing mats. 

Real Vinyl Top: Our shock-absorbent foam items have strong real vinyl tops. This strengthens your mat. 

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam: This flexible, shock-absorbent foam gets its name from the grid-like substance. It can take a beating and bounce back. 

The wrestling ring’s dimensions are 

A wrestling ring is a raised platform that is typically square in shape and serves as the location for matches between professional wrestlers. Wrestlers can do a variety of techniques by bouncing from the ring, which acts both as a boundary and as a mechanism for them to perform such moves. 

The dimensions of the wrestling ring can be altered to accommodate the competition being held. On the other hand, the rings used in professional wrestling range in size from 14 to 20 feet on each side.  


Wrestling mats must be 29.53′ (9 m) in diameter and 684 ft2 (63.5 m2). The competition mat has a 39.37-inch central circle. 

The complete square surface of a normal wrestling mat needs to measure 12 meters by 12 meters, or it can be octagonal with a diameter of 12 meters. 

WWE uses a 20-foot by 20-foot ring, while WCW, ECW, and TNA used 18-foot by 18-foot rings. 

World and extreme championship wrestling use 20-foot-by-20-foot rings. 

Bottom Line 

Wrestling’s governing bodies agree on standard mat sizes to prevent injuries and promote fair play. The wrestling arena must be 28 feet in diameter and the mat 38 feet square. 

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