Official Axe Throwing Target Dimensions – Easy to Play!

Are you thinking about Axe Throwing Target dimensions to build an axe throwing board, or are you simply interested in learning what Axe Throwing Target dimensions other groups use for their axe-throwing targets? 

This article reviews the details of the various target types and their dimensions. 


Axe-throwing target dimensions intrigues! Fun, competitive axe throwing. Axes aim for the bullseye; Beginners and pros like axe throwing. 

Axe-throwing targets dimensions are circular boards with point-valued concentric rings. The 36-inch target contains rings, including the bullseye. Practice will help you hit high-scoring areas.  

Athletes are protected at axe-throwing facilities. Axe handling teachers supervise. 

Axe throwing is competitive and fun. Axe throwing is fun, grab an axe, step up to the queue, and throw. Moreover, if you want to know about more, visit our article on goals.

WATL Axe Throwing Target Dimensions 

World Axe Throwing League (WATL). It regulates and encourages axe throwing worldwide. The WATL sets global axe-throwing competition rules, regulations, and safety standards. 

Since 2017, the World Axe Throwing League has expanded fast, with several linked venues and leagues worldwide. They helped make axe throwing a competitive sport with leagues, tournaments, and world championships.  

Axe-throwing tournaments follow WATL standards for scoring, target dimensions, safety, and game styles. These regulations level the playing field across venues and contests. 

Axe throwers in WATL-sanctioned events can compete in regional and worldwide tournaments and obtain ranking. Axe-throwing fans can connect, share their passion, and participate in events through community engagement. 

axe throwing target dimensions
axe throwing target dimensions

How high should an Axe Throwing Target Dimensions be? 

The size of a WATL Axe throwing Target dimensions: 

Target Rings  

  • In the first place, the bullseye’s sweet spot lies dead Center between the 2×10 boards. (Imp Note: a 210 is technically 9 1/2 inches broad, making the central portion a 458) 
  • Second, the diameter of a bullseye is 7 inches.  
  • The diameter of the red ring (the first) is 17 inches. 
  • The diameter of the blue ring, the second one, is 27 inches.  
  • The canter of the bullseye should be 63″ above the floor if you measure from the ground up.  
  • The left and right-side boards may be mounted at varying heights on the backboard to prevent knots from forming in the point areas.  
  • First, the standard diameter of a clutch is around 2 5/8 inches. 


  • Specifically, the most profound edge of the clutch is located 4.15 inches from the side/center seam (210: 
  • This places the Center of the clutch 5 1/2 inches from the seam and 40 1/4 inches from the bottom of the backboard.  

How often do you change your targets? 

One can switch targets as needed. This is unrestricted. Running back and forth to remove old targets and install new ones is difficult. People use them as long as possible. 

Targets with worn-out wood are superior to new ones. The axe head penetrates beaten and weathered wood better. 

Axe throwing target dimensions are valuable till the wood wears out. When you observe holes on the back of the target or the wood pieces start missing, and the axe can no longer hold on, switch targets. 

When axe-throwing target dimensions are overused, such situations occur, Weekends or at club parties. Most clubs monitor targets that require replacement or care. 

How does Target Scoring Work? 

Axe-throwing targets usually have one bullseye, four rings, and two clutches. 

We explain each phrase in depth below: 

axe throwing target dimensions
axe throwing target dimensions

The Target 

The bullseye is at the Center of the target, making it easy to find. Throw the axe straight and stick it on the orange part for six points. You’ll get more than two points if you hit the outer section of the Center ring bullseye with your axe. Once you master these throws, scoring is easy.  

The Rings

The target is easy to hit, like darts. Axe placement on the ring determines points—the points: 1, 2, 3, or 4. After touching two scoring rings, the axe head usually disappears through the wood. In such a case, the score will be the highest valued ring the axe head touches, even if only a little. 

A Clutch

Finally, two little blue dots are on the upper side of the target. One is upper right, and the other is upper left. 

Clutch: two dots. They are risky but rewarding on the axe-throwing target. 

If you miss the clutch, you may score one point or zero. If you cling to the clutch, you gain ten points. 


Mount the target on a wall with the footer board 3 feet (0.91 meters) above ground and the bullseye 63 inches (1.6 meters) high. 

Hatchet throwing requires a 15-foot (4.57 meter) throw line. Big axe throwers must stand 17 feet from the target. 

You can. The WATL code of conduct informs any dimensions. If you want to become a hobby or professional axe thrower, you can develop your own design following WATL criteria.  


The most crucial aspect of any axe throwing tournament is participant safety. Axe Throwing Target dimensions should be followed by throwers for all relevant rules and guidelines. As in any sport, follow the competition organizers or governing body’s requirements when throwing. 

If you’ve any questions, please ask in the comment section. 

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